Welcome to Keyboard Matters, my new website I designed to promote what I do...that is, things that deal with making music, teaching music, transcribing music. There you have it!  I am a versatile musician, living and working in Chicago. and have been in the music business practically all my life in various capacities including playing recitals, accompanying, playing for churches, and teaching music, to name a few. and gigging at dinner parties on the side...one would have to admit that I've been heavily involved in music for quite some time. 

So after much prodding from family and friends, I decided to put myself out there...on the world wide web that is... as a way to share my knowledge and expertise with others about those things that matter, and those things pertaining to what I do at the keyboard!   Performing and teaching are only part of what I do.  In my free time...if such a thing exists in this fast-paced society...I am busy with scoring, transcribing and arranging music.  As a matter of fact, when not at the piano, you can find me at my other keyboard- my laptop computer, making music in a different way.  It's the way I help others get their music down on paper to sell or do what ever they like with. Through this new technology of music transcription, I have been priviledged to work on projects that have put me in touch with record companies, music publishers, music producers, recording artists, as well as numerous songwriters and choir directors across the country.

It is our sincere hope that this site will be a blessing to you in some way and assist in making your musical endeavors come true.


Dr. Thomas W. Jefferson